Chocolate Superhero Adventure Story Workshop

If your children are from 3 years to around 12 years of age, this merging of fiction, fantasy & reality is simply THE BEST chocolate experience we offer.

99.95€ per child
69.95€ per adult

60 minutes of pure chocolate fun. 

Chocolate making, roasting cacao beans into a delicious chocolately drink, meeting Oolal our spider monkey mascot, a treasure hunt AND a personalised chocolate adventure story book for each child participant.

Don't take our word for it - Reviews from some of our happy customers

Chocolate making group

Khaled - Kuwait

"This was honestly amazing."

* * * * * 

Family chocolate making

Matthew Vennard - UK

"My kids want to live at your place!! - We loved the experience. And plan to return next year.


Maria - Bahrain

The kids had such an incredible time. They absolutely LOVED their books.

"They had a blast"

Watch our video below :

More details about the experience.

It is ideally designed for children of 3 years to around 12 years and adults.
Younger children may attend as helpers for their parents.

  • MEET OOLAL Oolal is our mascot. She's a spider monkey and she'll greet your family, bring them into our museum and explain the surprising link between chocolate and monkeys.
  • ROASTING CACAO BEANS - Once inside our chocolate factory,  the fun starts by roasting the beans from scratch and turning them into a delicious chocolately drink. A science experiment that is both fun and interesting.
  • MAKE CHOCOLATES - Once you are refreshed, its time to make chocolates.  And following the theme of a chocolate adventure, the chocolates you make are the ones from the personalised story book we make for your children.
  • TREASURE HUNT FOR THEIR PERSONALISED BOOK - Once the chocolates have been made,  time for a treasure hunt with Oolal!

    The children discover they have been converted into a cartoon version of themselves and where they are the hero in their very own personalised cartoon adventure book with their name on the front cover and every page, also features their birthday, their favourite location, and other details.  The adults also make a discovery of treasure - but we're not spoiling the surprise so our lips are sealed!!


Price per child is 99.95€
and per adult is 69.95€