This is an extended version of our dragons and donkeys and butterfly bonbons workshop which has the additional component of a science experiment which you'll love.  The dragons is one of our most popular and fun workshops for both adults and children of 3 years + - a chocolate adventure with a hint of game of chocolate, of course!

This is one of our most artistic, technical and at the same time, incredibly fun workshop.

As started, the workshop starts with a science experiment.  A delicious one. You roast cacao beans from scratch, and transform the beans into a delicious hot-chocolate drink. 

After renewing your energy levels with the chocolate drink, the chocolate making starts by creating the dragons' double chocolate shell to give him strength and extra deliciousness. Whilst our dragon is setting, we learn the steps involved in creating chocolate lollipops, including how to pipe the cute donkey shapes.

To breathe life into our dragons, we fill their bellies with delightful chocolate mousse (milk, white or dark chocolate), and ensure those bellies stay full by sealing them with more chocolate.

Once our dragons are set, we will learn how to demould and then decorate them using both chocolate and colours.

Finally, we will create some animal themed soft-centre butterfly bonbons, choosing from a delicious assortment of soft centres, e.g. caramel, salted caramel, praline, chocolate nougat, chocolate tahini, peanut cream, pistachio cream, coconut cream....mmm!!!

You will be inside the factory for 90 minutes. And then you can relax in our cafe and enjoy a drink or one of our award winning hand-made ice creams whilst the chocolate is setting and is being packaged (which takes around 15-20 minutes).

Each person gets to take home the chocolates they make. 3 Large Dragons, and 6 soft-centre bonbons and a donkey bar. 

79.95€ per person

Minimum of 2 people are required and if there are any children under the age of 12 it requires a ticket holding adult (who will have an absolute fantastic time and enjoy just as much as the children).

Add-ons to enhance your visit

Personalised Book for your child.

Delight your child by surprising them with a personalised book at the end of the experience.

50% discount when purchased with a workshop - 19.95€ instead of 39.95€

Oolal, our soft toy

Thrill your child with our plush Spider Monkey, our mascot at the Mayan Monkey Mijas. We have them made locally in Spain.

They are top quality and are available for 29.95€

Click to watch this enchanting video.

Reviews from our clients

Jenny  - Denmark

"superb fun from start to finish and very professionally run."

5 * 

Arnold - USA

"Our family was made to feel so welcome and the chocolate making was AMAZING"

5 *

Sofia - Spain

"We loved making the chocolates. We shall return."

5 *