Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory, Museum & Café 

And Happiness Lab!

- Taste our freshly-made chocolate and ice cream
-  Sign up for one of our Chocolate-Making Workshops
- Celebrate your Birthday (or make someone else´s really special)
- Watch how we make our chocolate in the factory 

- Open SEVEN days a week :)
- Workshops 7 days a week from 11am - 7pm
- Reservation highly recommended
- For bookings & enquiries, just whatsapp or call us: 
+34 600 088 542 (Eli)
+34 629 466 710 (Jason)

Chocolate making experiences.

We offer a selection of hugely fun chocolate making experiences

Browse the options, choose one thats right for you, and get stuck in!

Lush Ice Creams & Sorbets

- 100% Pure, Natural Ingredients
- Organic Milk, Cream & Cane Sugar
- Local, Seasonal, Organic Fruits
- Zero Fake Food, Zero Nonsense

We make ice cream the old fashioned way - BY HAND, taking care of every step along the way! Everytime we need a new Cheesecake Ice Cream, we start off by making up a fresh batch of strawberry jam, and then bake three trays of biscuits*. The only colour in our ice creams come from the colours of natural fruit, nuts and chocolate. No nasties allowed whatsoever!
If you like pistachios, come and try our our showstopping Pistachio Ice Cream. After salting and roasting pistachio kernels, we grind them in a stone grinder for 24 hours in order to get the creamist, more delicious pistachio paste ever.

Try our "BETTER THAN Oreo" flavour - we make the biscuits ourselves, which means zero palm oil**. Natural, Ethical and sooo Good!

Come on up and taste some!

* All our baked wares (both those used as ingredients in our ice creams, as well as the ones on the menu in our two cafés, are made with organic besan flour. Not only is this naturally glutenfree, it is also stoneground in family-run flour mill in the neighbouring village of Coín.

** Mayan Monkey Mijas is a palm-oil free business

"Best ice Cream in Mijas"

as reviewed by Susan Ladiges

Explore the Fascinating world of Cacao & Chocolate

Visit our Cacao Museum, and come on a journey
- See our papier-maché cacao grove recreation, and learn about the colourful fruit of the incredible cacao tree. 
- Meet the Spider Monkeys, and learn about the vital role of this endangered "farmer primate" in the preservation of the oldest cacao jungles in the world.
- Examine exquisitely crafted machines from a bygone age: antique Cacao Roasters, Melangeurs, Printing Presses, designed in the 1800's - still in use today! 
- Track the evolution of the chocolate-making process over thousands of years
- Discover "Xocolatl", as well as its link between chocolate and the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations
- Learn how Spain´s Conquistadors changed the course of
chocolate´s history, and discover the relevance of Andalusia´s ports and Royal Court.

The Sweetest Chill

Choose from a selection of gorgeous baked wares*.

Everything baked by us, FRESH, daily.

* Food Allergy and Intolerance sufferers catered for.


Gastronomic & Ethical

- All our chocolate has a high cacao content & corresponding low sugar content.
- Our Cacao Butter is natural and unrefined, from first pressing.
- We use non-alkalized, natural Cacao Powder only
- Our fine flavour Cacao Beans are ethically sourced from sustainable cacao farms & communities in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Venezuela and Congo
We are the only Chocolate Factory in Spain recognised by the NGO - Slave Free Chocolate.

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Chocolate Factory-Museum/Shop / Cafe
Workshops & tours held here! 
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